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Successfull Service Provider Transition

Info: In meinem Studium steht als nächstes das Modul „English for Business“ an. Um hier weiter im Fluss zu bleiben, werde ich diesen Beitrag ausnahmsweise mal in Englisch verfassen.

I´am verry happy to support regional companies. Therefore I decided to change the service provider for my website. And to by onest, I wasn´t really looking forward to this because of my experiences a few years ago. But sometimes things get better.

Last time I did this, I had to cancel the subscription with my old provider by letter. Now it´s just a few clicks on there website and it´s done. It also took just a few clicks and a fast payment with PayPal to manage the plan with my new provider.

But the real highlight was the transformation of my domain. Again just one click on the website of my old provider and one minute later an E-Mail with a transformation code was in my mailbox. Using this code, the domain was transferred to my new provider about an hour later. Very easy und very cool.

Now it was time to manage the webspace and transfer the Homepage (WordPress). But even that was relatively easy and there where only a few difficulties. And to be onest, most of them were created by me and my limited experience. More on this maybe in a few days an than also in German.

The whole process was completed in less than one day and I was very happy. Seems like customer service keeps getting better and better in this line of business.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Wenn du den Anbieter deiner Homepage auch kündigen möchtest (und er es nicht über seine Website anbietet), kannst du dazu gern meine Vorlage nutzen.